Pyladies Accra Maiden Meetup: hosted by GIBT & GetINNOtized

Group photo of members of Pyladies Accra Maiden meetup

A meeting by young, ambitious and dedicated people is always heartwarming. On June 1st, 2019, Pyladies Accra, a group of Python programming language users, met at GIBT office and hosted by GetINNOtized, a company dedicated to making opportunities available to young talents in Africa. The aim was to introduce the attendees to the Python programming language and to offer a networking platform among participants.

Here is an account of what we learned.


We had a great introduction to the Python programming language. Given that it was a practical session, the attendees started by installing Python and learning what one could achieve using Python. A simple but beautiful piece of code was written and demonstrated. Sam Moorehouse, the founder of Global Code, created a program using Python which introduced us to the language’s concepts and syntax. The skills of problem evaluation and problem-solving were highlighted and emphasized. We were shown how to refactor code step by step to create robust programs. In the end, we learned about classes, functions, variables and data types in Python.

Introduction to Python

Python is known for its vast applications. It can be used for data science, game development, web development, networking and many more. We delved deeper into web development and data science with Python.


Web Development with Python

Python is a beautiful language. It is fun, easy to learn and has a large passionate community behind it. Python is loved by beginners and also used by world-class companies like Instagram, Youtube, mpharma, and GetINNOtized to solve world-class problems. For web development, Python offers frameworks like Flask, Django, Pyramid, Tornado, etc. Web developers use Python frameworks because they are easy to integrate and can support the majority of functionalities for a web application. The framework comes with packages and pieces of code that are very useful for web development and saves a lot of development efforts. The frameworks also have templates that make front-end development easy for developers, they also have packages that make testing fast and easy for developers.


“Learning in this day and age is easier than ever before. There is a multitude of tutorials available online. However, we need not get stuck in the tutorials. Our aim is not to learn everything before we start but to learn enough to start.”

Eva Mwangi


Python for Data Science

Data is one of the most important topics in the world today. Being a data scientist is said to be the sexiest job in the world today. To be a data scientist, scientific computing is fundamental, and Python as a programming language is considered to be strong in scientific computing. Data science as a field comes with sometimes very complicated buzz words including, machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence and many more. Demystifying these buzzwords is important for anyone who wants a career in data. Knowing what the buzzwords mean, not only makes the learner knowledgeable but also more confident in what they can achieve.
Any useful technology has an application in the world, data science is no exception. Data science has been used in the past to predict customer behavior, to recommend items on e-commerce shops, to detect disaster, to prevent crime and many more. As the world produces more data, more data science skills are needed to provide solutions. Talent is always needed to fill in data science skill gaps already existing in the market.
Learning in this day and age is easier than ever before. There is a multitude of tutorials available online. However, we need not get stuck in the tutorials. Our aim is not to learn everything before we start but to learn enough to start. We looked at a roadmap for web development, which could be adapted to data science too. The roadmap is to keep us progressing and challenged enough to take the next step.

By end of our conference, we left inspired enough to go out and claim the world as our own. To learn as much as we can to solve the world’s biggest problems and also to create opportunities for ourselves and others. With GetINNOtized and GIBT holding our backs we are positive we will make it.

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