Parting ways

Meet Photizo Worlanyo Adom, a former developer for our partner firm, Getinnotized. He worked with us for close to a year, and truly, his work was incomparable. He had great work ethics, top-notch knowledge and always produced excellent results.

However, owing to his pursuit for higher education, Photizo sadly had to leave us. In one year, he’d have graduated with a Masters in Computer Science. As our token of acknowledgement for his work with us, GIBT and Getinnotized organized a beautiful send-off dinner. During this special event, we had the chance to speak to Photizo about his time spent with us, his sentiments about leaving and of course, his future plans. In this interview, we get to live Photizo’s experience, just how he told it.

Photizo’s Goodbye

First off, we asked Photizo about his expectations before working with Getinnotized and whether they were met.

Photizo: “I thought it was going to be a great opportunity for me, and as well a very challenging one. By God’s grace, all those expectations were met and I handled the challenges very well”.

Moving on, we wanted to know his general overview of his time spent. More descriptively, what exactly his experience was like– the ups and downs of the job. 

Photizo: “I would say that working with a team was the best part of my job. Before joining Getinnotized, I used to work one-on-one with usually one or two people. However, being here and engaging in team work has been eye-opening and awesome. Moreover, some of the team were abroad and we had to use virtual systems like Skype, Slack, TeamViewer etc to communicate. Yet, someway somehow we always got the job done even without meeting face-to-face. I must admit that was a whole new, exciting and insightful experience too!”

Then we talked about school; “What are you going to study and how do you think your experience at Getinnotized would help you excel?”

Photizo: “So I’m leaving for the United States to earn a Master’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Mississippi. At Getinnotized, my specialty was in User Experience and User Interface Design. The knowledge I acquired, coupled with the ultimate teamwork experience, will definitely make my studies much easier. I think my ability to research has also been heightened since joining the team here, so Masters would be a walk in the park!”

Photizo’s Goodbye


Who did you enjoy working with and how were their work ethics? Did you learn any particular traits from them?

Photizo: “Per my work schedule, I often worked with our Lead Developers, Bryan White and Prince Oduro. I also had the chance to work with Shadrack Amponsah and Cassandra. Honestly, they were great people to work with. Very warm, friendly and super supportive. I admire each of them in different ways and I’d wish for anyone to have such useful colleagues”. 

Furthermore, Photizo expresses how he’d encourage anyone to work with Getinnotized/ GIBT.

Photizo: “For what memories and skills I have acquired, I’d say that one of the best places any young, rising developer should work at is Getinnotized. Aside the opportunity to apply theory into practice, the German-Ghanaian blend is unique. You’d get a feel of both worlds and a mixture of both working cultures will certainly improve your abilities”.  

Aside the opportunity to apply theory into practice, the German-Ghanaian blend is unique. You’d get a feel of both worlds and a mixture of both working cultures will certainly improve your abilities”.

Photizo Worlanyo

Lastly, we wrapped up the interview with some well wishes.

Photizo: “I will definitely miss everyone at the office. But I believe this next chapter of my education will make the the entire journey worthwhile. I wish everyone the very best in all they do and I genuinely hope the company grows beyond its projection. For anyone who would join the team, all I can say is he/she should push harder, be professional and be goal-driven”.

‘Will I come back to work for Getinnotized? Haha I really hope so!’, he exclaims with a short laugh.

Also, to leave a mark on Photizo, the team gave him a T-Shirt on which everyone wrote what memories they had of him & wished him well on his journey ahead. 

Photizo wearing his shirt of many memories

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