Students of Ashesi University also had the opportunity to learn about Lean Digital Management, through our training session on November 26, 2019. The German-IBT organized this 2-hour session on the university’s campus, with the attendance of 15 avid students from its Engineering Department. 

Along with our Head of Training, and a Master of Exercises, we invited two learned speakers on the topic, from Germany, to lead this event. Essentially, we had fruitful discussions on the entire concept of Lean Digital Management, and its usage in Digital Technologies like 3D Print.

Students in active discussions during their tasks


First on our agenda was to familiarize students with the scope of Lean Digital Management. Lean Management, which refers to “a set of principles aiming for minimizing waste within manufacturing systems while simultaneously maximizing productivity,” was further explained thoroughly. Students engaged in their first use case, FLY LEAN RUN 1, where they tried their hands-on production, under the assumption that they worked for an aircraft producer.

After a review of their performance and improvement potential, they put these measures into practice with a second production simulation. It became evident that Lean Management principles were more effective in boosting output for this use case. A third exercise was even more fruitful when the task was made more complex — and yet Lean still prevailed.

Exercises as they were ongoing, facilitators in sight


Digital Technologies, which was more of the day’s focus, followed. With reference to Germany, students were enlightened on the use of Lean Digital in modern technology. 3D printing was the main example discussed.

Other practical examples in Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Robotics, were compared to what we have in Ghana. Students quickly got involved and made their contributions to the topic. They were also put in groups to deliberate on feasible applications of the concept to the Ghanaian setting. 

Facilitators teaching student attendees about Digital technologies in Germany & Ghana alike


We were largely impressed by the participation of Ashesi’s brilliant third-year Engineering students, which made the event a huge success. We are thankful to the institution for giving us a shot and look forward to more training sessions like these.


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