GIBT-Pyladies Co-Innovate Hackathon

Last weekend, we had our first ever online hackathon, in collaboration with Pyladies Ghana. This was due to the current limitations on public gatherings following the global COVID-19 pandemic. All the same, the hackathon was so much fun and it is incredible how much could be achieved remotely. 


Here how the entire event went down:


The event which took place on 8th and 9th May 2020 was a full day one — with activities lasting from 9 am to 6 pm each day.
Under the theme
“Co-innovative Solutions: A tech Approach to rethinking education and unemployment,” the event sought to empower young ladies in tech to work co-innovatively to learn and share and come out with impactful solutions using tech.


The collaborative tool used to run the event was Microsoft Teams. In all, we had over fifteen (15) talented and dedicated ladies who worked together for the success of the Hackathon.

Firstly, we all had an ice breaker game about the word “CAN”.
Then, all participants were grouped into 5 teams based on their preferred topic: Education and Unemployment. Each team had 
about 2-4 ladies of which teams 1&2 took topics on Education whilst teams 3,4 & 5 focused on Unemployment.

Soon after, each team had chose the topics they wanted to work with. The end product was to be judged on the following criteria:

  • Technology: How well the team has used or intend to use technology for their solution.
  • Design: The application’s user experience, aesthetics and user interaction (usability).
  • Business needs: How the project meets customer needs and how likely it is to be a business.
  • Presentation: Clarity of speech and written presentation.
  • Inspiration: How much we love and are excited about the idea.


By 3:30 pm on Saturday 9th May, the presentation of projects had started. All participants, including facilitators and judges, joined in a call on Microsoft teams to watch, listen and contribute to the wonderful ideas and solutions the ladies came out with.


At the end of the day, Team 2 were crowned winners of the Hackathon with their solution, “FutureMap” A web app to direct students on which courses to take with regards to their career paths in the future.


We thank all participants for their efforts in making this unique event a memorable one. We also want to thank our main partner, Pyladies, for their input and contribution to such an excellent learning product.



Below are some images (screenshots) from the remote hackathon:

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