Digital Sales Boost Workshop


The Digital Integrated Sales Funnel training came off as announced on Saturday, 7th December 2019. Run as a 3-hour workshop, the event took place at the German-IBT training centre in North Legon, Accra. The German-IBT partnered with getINNOtized and Tentmaker for this event.

The idea behind this workshop was to help business owners and startups develop a more robust, easy and scalable sales funnel while growing their businesses with the latest digital marketing insights. Invited speakers included digital experts, with extensive experience in international projects, as well as successful entrepreneurs. Attendance was massive and the engagement was on high, yielding even more results than expected.

Digital Integrated Sales Funnel GIBT

Digital Integrated Sales Funnel GIBT

Setup for Digital Sales Funnel Workshop


Here’s how the workshop went:


The entire session was centred on using new, digital methods and strategies to manage businesses.
Many Ghanaian businesses have not truly identified the importance of going digital with their business. The few that have, however, are under-utilizing the potential. 

Therefore, after a brief on GIBT and its visions, the event kicked off with an interactive discussion on the challenges facing startups, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Participants identified various problems they had encountered both internally and externally. Through this, it was discovered that many of the issues were either similar or very much related. They include internal communication, maintaining customer relationships and continuous delivery. 

Next, the first speaker, Kwame Osei-Tutu, co-founder of GIBT and getINNOtized, presented a case study that attempted to solve the challenges initially discussed. This study was on two well-known businesses that saw success through the application of digital marketing and automation. The presentation was largely visual and explanatory, and certainly provided enough answers to the issues.

Digital Integrated Sales Funnel GIBT

Digital Integrated Sales Funnel GIBT

Mr Osei-Tutu during his presentation


Following Kwame’s lecture, was one on corporate branding and style guides.

This was facilitated by GIBT and getINNOtized developer, Wendel Laryea. He gave a broad overview of branding, linking its importance to corporate entities.Through some exercises, dialogues and short films, participants were able to identify several fundamentals of branding. 

By the end of Wendel’s lecture, everyone had gained a comprehensive understanding of how to generate standards and proper design guides for their businesses.


Digital Integrated Sales Funnel GIBT

Wendel presenting on corporate branding strategy

Digital Integrated Sales Funnel GIBT


“Creating more value for yourself requires understanding what your business is and what it represents”


Last on the day’s agenda was a presentation on Digital Marketing.

Again facilitated by Wendel, attendees were introduced to some key terminologies and the various types of digital tools. A few of them mentioned include social media marketing, search engine optimization, and content marketing. This was followed by a lesson on ‘creating engaging content’ for a business’ audience.

Furthermore, speakers drew attention to the concept of influencer marketing and its benefits. It was established that these social media icons have the power to drive outstanding engagement to any brand. All one needs is to choose the right one, within their niche. Remarketing strategies were also discussed, with a focus on how to regain lost customers while attracting newer ones.
Customer service automation was the final concept presented. Participants learnt the various methods of communicating with clients, without being so involved. It was discovered that using pre-programmed systems like email customer service, client self-service, live chats, or tools like Mautic, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp Business, businesses can assist clients and improve customer experience.



To summarize, the Digital Integrated Sales Funnel training reaffirmed the need for all business and firms to employ digital marketing techniques and branding strategies. As Wendel says, “creating a brand that lasts long requires an early start, consistency, and open-mindedness to accommodate changes.”

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