Building For Messenger Platform by DevCAccra

 Getinnotized and the German-IBT were delighted to host  Facebook Developer Circles: Accra on Saturday, March 7, for their #DevCAccra ‘Building For Messenger Platform’ workshop.

The workshop was for developers to learn about building software products on Facebook’s Messenger platform. Facilitated by software architect, Eugene Afeti, the event was awesome and super-insightful.

It started with a presentation by Oliver Mensah, who spoke on what the DevCAccra group was and stood for. Eugene then took over with a tutorial on the basic requirements for creating a messenger bot. He further led the audience to test an existing bot, created by the Rancard team, for ordering pizza. This came out successful!

These followed with break-out sessions, where attendees formed teams to work on bots ⁠— based on their preferred development stack (language). This made the sessions more relatable for the developers. We also played a game where the winners were awarded free learning courses to help in the Software Development growth.

Here are some images from the event:


We are glad to have been a part of such an awesome experience and look forward to more from the #DevCAccra team.

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