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As we approach the official launch of our AZUBI AFRICA training program, here are a few insights on our development so far:

The Birth Of Azubi Africa

Azubi Africa


Azubi Africa is a collaborative effort of The German Institute of Technology (GIBT), GetINNOtized and Microsoft 4 Africa, aimed at grooming young professionals into leading experts in the field of Software Development, Data Science and Cloud Engineering.

The name ‘Azubi’ means “trainee” in German. Hence its end goal is to provide a platform for businesses in Germany, with technological needs, to make use of the vast pool of young talented professionals in Pan Africa.
The Concept

The program has three key areas of interest:

  1. Get Trained: AZUBI AFRICA seeks to train young talents in relevant and high-demand skills for the job market. This is a holistic training that focuses on both technical and work-relational facets of a young professional’s career.
  2. Get Certified: Candidates go through a carefully curated curriculum and earn Two (2) Microsoft Certifications in any of these fields: Data Science, Software Engineering and Cloud Technologies. All costs are absorbed and fully sponsored – no hidden costs.
  3. Get Hired: GIBT with its strategic partners provide job placement opportunities for Azubi Africa candidates to opt-in for live projects and internships. Students get the chance to work on live projects and the trainee assistance helps foster pragmatic learning.


Azubi Africa

The Benefits
  • Earn More: On average, Azubis would earn 40% more than their peers in similar backgrounds.
  • Network: Azubis would be part of a global network of tech experts.
  • Education: Azubis would enjoy lifelong learning opportunities.
  • Experience: As part of their training, Azubis would have hands-on projects and gain pragmatic work experience with international clients through internships.


The Sessions

AZUBI AFRICA sessions consist of several sets of 12-week training programs.


The Recruitment

Students selected would consist of people from diverse educational backgrounds, with the zeal to take on new challenges and becoming the best versions of themselves.


The Experience

Azubi Africa is already making significant impacts on participants by shaping up their career paths. So far, we have had a Data Science track, where students were privileged to gain practical experience on live project scenarios, with supervision from an expert from Microsoft.

Here are a few of the great testimonials from our students:


“The Azubi Africa program presented a new opportunity to learn from industry professionals. I got the chance to directly question them on confusing topics. My most memorable moment was when I created a Library Management System using Python. I was proud of what I had done because I never thought I could. In all, the program has been a great learning experience.”

Samuel Darkwah Manu

Azubi Fellow

“In joining the fellowship, I hoped to learn how to be extract meaning from data and how to present it to clients. The 12-week session gave me the hard skills to understand what data in itself was; how to clean, analyze and then interpret it. Meeting others with different technical backgrounds was also beneficial.”

Edwin Zeye

Software Systems Developer & Azubi Fellow

Here are some photos from the 5-day hands-on session with Microsoft expert, Tunde Xintia Gyenge:

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