About Us

The German-IBT is an Innovation Hub focused on bringing together business innovation, academia and entrepreneurial talent to improve the Ghanaian economy.

The German-IBT Way

The German Institute of Business & Technology has the ambition to empower young talents and promising leaders in Western Africa
with the skills that really matter for a successful career. Unlike the typical classroom setting, German-IBT fellows learn from practitioners
who give their time and experience to West-Africa’s leaders of tomorrow. The three co-founders already have a successful track-record
in building companies in Ghana, e.g. www.getinnotized.com, a tech company that is working for top-tier German corporates
from their offices in Ghana’s capital Accra.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide training and working opportunities in an environment that challenges the Ghanaian work status
quo. We thereby see us as a collaboration platform to bridge gaps: Between Africa & Europe. Between business &
academics. Between thinking & acting. We connect the best out of each world and put it into action.


We are hiring

Are you interested in working in a progressive environment, while helping make a difference? Then join us now! Contact us for more details.