Social Market Economy — Learning From the Past, Thinking Towards the Future

Konrad Adenauer Foundation, together with its partners including German-IBT, organized an executive discussion on Social Market Economy. The event took place at the Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City in Accra. The key guests of the program were Mr. John Agyekum Kufuor, a former Ghanaian president and chairperson of the African Union, and Dr. Stephan Werhahn, a relative of Konrad Adenauer, president of the German Institute of Business and Technology (GIBT) and board member of Bund Katholischer Unternehmer (BKU). 

Other important guests were Lutz Ziob, founder of Ziob Consulting and former Dean of Microsoft4Africa, Hon. Vincent Sowah Odotei, the deputy Minister of Communications, Dr. Albert Antwi-Boasiako, National Cyber Security Advisor for the government of Ghana,  Kwame Osei-Tutu, co-founder of getINNOtized GmbH, GIBT and software engineer at GCNet.
Also, the program was moderated by Tom Koehler, a Partner at Connecting Trust, past executive of Airbus Defense & Space, RSA Germany, Microsoft, Verisign & SafeNet.

The discussion was geared towards examining the implications of the upcoming digital era on society, with a focus on emerging countries in Sub-Sahara Africa. 

Before the program, Dr. Stephan Werhahn sat with ex-president John A. Kufuor at his residence, where the two spoke about various topics including the Social Market Economy and Konrad Adenauer (Dr. Werhahn’s grandfather) — his ideals and his impact as Germany’s first Chancellor. Knowing that Mr. Kufuor had been a strong advocate for the promotion of private enterprises as the engine of Ghana’s growth, this meet-up yielded many positive results.

social market economy

Pictured are Dr. Werhahn and His Excellency former president, John A. Kufuor during the visit.


The main event then followed, where all the panelists had a friendly dialogue on Cyber Security and the Ghana government’s position on the topic. Hon. Vincent Sowah Odotei was at the center of this discussion. He outlined the government’s policies which aimed to ensure that Ghana soon became well-positioned in the cybersecurity space. Dr. Antwi Bosiako also confirmed how the government was supporting Ghana’s cybersecurity initiatives, with optimism that we would someday champion Africa’s cybersecurity readiness.

Kwame Osei-Tutu also spoke about getINNOtized GmbH’s AZUBI AFRICA, a program that looks at building high-performance teams for German Corporates in Ghana, utilizing an apprenticeship model interlaced with industry-standard certification training programs.

social market economy

The Panelists from left to right; Lutz Ziob, Kwame Osei-Tutu, Hon. Vincent Sowah Odotei, Dr. Albert Antwi-Bosiako & discussion moderator Tom Koehler


Following the panel discussion was a lecture on The Social Market Economy by Dr. Werhahn. He shed light on how it had benefited the German economy, both in the past and present. Being that his grandfather, Konrad Adenauer, is seen as the father of the model, he let the audience in on first-hand information on how to make it a success. He also shared ways in which Ghana could incorporate the model in the running of its economy.


Dr Werhahn presenting on the Social Market Economy and its advantages


Furthermore, the night was perfect with the support of other colleagues and business partners from getINNOtized GmbH & GIBT — Ulrich Busch, CEO of getINNOtized GmbH, Augustine Kangni, Innovation Manager, getINNOtized GmbH & Frederick Krahforst, Founder, Scalework.

In all, the event was a well-rounded one with a lot to absorb and apply. We hope that Ghana would soon learn how to implement properly the social market economy, in this era of digitization.

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