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We bridge gaps: Between Africa & Europe. Between business & academics. Between thinking & acting. We connect the best out of each world and put it into action.

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German-IBT programs are hands-on and designed to immediately impact on the participant’s job, career or business. Our courses develop relevant expertise in the fields of Business Communication, Leadership, Software Development and Big Data & Analytics.


Negotiation Training

In this negotiation training program, you will gain insight into the habits of deal makers as you build your own skills. Through a series of individual and group exercises, you will learn how to execute proven tactics, refine your personal negotiating style, and improve your ability to bargain successfully and ethically in any situation. Along the way, you will gain new appreciation for how negotiating skills can help you overcome a wide range of challenges—at work and beyond.

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Career Services Workshop

Are you fresh out of school? Applying for a new job or moving to a new job role? Learn how to optimize your CV, self-marketing and partake in the application coaching sessions (incl. interview simulation) and professional psychology test .

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PowerPoint Advanced Training

This Advanced PowerPoint training is specifically designed to double (and even TRIPLE) your productivity in PowerPoint… as soon as you begin this training. Learn how to do more with PowerPoint, with less effort. Design beautiful slides that meet international standards. Increase your knowledge of PowerPoint to be able to tackle a wide range of tasks and challenges in presentation design.

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Work Efficiency Training

The world of work is changing. But, in practical terms, how can we adapt to these transformations? Learn to boost your professional ability, performance, proficiency & efficacy: Optimize your work for efficiency.

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